Welcome to ASEPA (Association of Executive and Personal Assistants)!

We are so glad you joined us. And that’s because you’re going to interact and deliberate with other Executive/Personal Assistants and Office Administrative Professionals on emerging issues that affect you including Professional Standards, Ethics, Career Development and recognition.
You’re going to get the tools and information you need to be equipped to match your Executives demanding roles and to remain relevant and resourceful. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect in the very near future:

You’ll get clarity on tools and strategies to apply to remain relevant, resourceful and strategic partners to your Executives besides being celebrated in your organizations.

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Helping Executive and Personal Assistants

Key stakeholders within the Executive, Personal Assistants and Office Administrative Professionals Sector.


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$50 (ksh5000) Annual Fee and $10.00 (ksh1000) a month. Lots of Membership benefits Includes: Founders Recognition Gift, Private Virtual Forum, Monthly Training, VIP Access ASEPA sponsored events, VIP Access ASEPA educational events.